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İstanbul Cultural and Arts Centre

About Us

İstanbul Cultural and Arts Centre is a public charity, non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation established in 2009.

İstanbul Cultural and Arts Centre will be active in promoting Turkish Culture in Australia and facilitating understanding and interaction between the Turkish-Australian community and other ethnic communities.

Why Istanbul

İstanbul is a city where more than 10 million people with various backgrounds, languages, religions and cultures live together in peace.

It is a city that connects the continents of Europe and Asia via its many bridges. It is a meeting place where new ideas and concepts from both continents intermingle on a stage provided by the beautiful historic hills of a city decorated with monuments of former super-powers. Most importantly, İstanbul is a city that represents civilization, peaceful coexistence and beauty. İstanbul Cultural and Arts Centre was established to live up to the ideals its name represents.

Mission Statement

To contribute to world peace by showcasing the “Turkish Cultural Experience” of respect, acceptance, dialogue, love and richness of faith, developed over centuries of time.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To distribute knowledge about the language, history, culture, education and social life of Turkish people;
  2. To create opportunities for dialogue between communities and individuals to build bridges between cultures;
  3. To provide assistance to Turkish people in order to help them integrate into Australian society;
  4. To bring cultural groups and artists to Australia to introduce Turkish Art and Culture to Australians;
  5. To organise Turkish art exhibitions, including Ebru, Hat (calligraphy) and Çini;
  6. To organise joint intercultural programs and seminars with universities and other local organizations;
  7. To coordinate the Australian Branch of the Annual Turkish Olympics;
  8. To organise food festivals, cooking classes, art and handcraft classes and exhibits, and music and folk-dance performances.