Australian-Azerbaijani-Turkish Friendship Unity

Founded in 1992 as Azerbaijani Association and renamed in 2007, Australian-Azerbaijani-Turkish Friendship is based in Sydney, the capital city of Australia’s largest state of the New South Wales, where most of Azerbaijani students and families live and work.

Not just with Azerbaijanis in Australia, the Friendship maintains close liaison with representatives and organizations of other Turkic nations including those of Turks, Turkmens, Uyghurs, Kyrkyzs, Turkish Cypriots and others.

Also, through SBS multilingual community radio station 2000 FM 98.5, the Voice of Azerbaijan broadcasts weeks programs in Azeri at 10:00 pm every Monday, covering Azeri national and international news, current affairs, music, talkbacks, calls,history, proverbs and literature. You can also listen to the radio programs live on the Internet.

We maintain close and good relations and cooperation with Australian authorities, federal and state parliament members to deliver the concerns of our community.

We work closely with 52 organizations and communities in all the matters of mutual concern.